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Sustainability | LA VILLA

A sustainable event space to celebrate tomorrow

LA VILLA - environmentally responsible events at Lake Starnberg

With a strong connection to our homeland and a commitment to preserving the health of our planet, sustainability has become a central focus for us. We are proud that LA VILLA has been carbon neutral since November 2019. In collaboration with Fokus Zukunft, we have thoroughly examined and adapted all necessary processes

Your sustainable event location – Our vision
  • are visionaries and role models in our line of business.
  • live up to the growing aspirations of our guests and consistently exceed their expectations.
  • have and gain qualified and motivated colleagues that receive fair salaries and whose individual requirements are met.
  • tap our coworkers’ potential through constant and specific education, advanced training and support.
  • safeguard and protect resources and epitomize the inclusion of regional partners.
  • foster respect and appreciation in dealing with high-class products and awaken interest in culinary art.
  • are open and flexible toward technical developments and current trends.
  • gain more leeway for sustainable investments by improving our working results.
  • develop following our values.

Carbon-Neutral Living

We use the eco-friendly brand Biofarben for all of our
painting needs.

Cleaning supplies

We only use premium quality cleaning supplies that are not only gentle and effective but also made from partially biodegradable ingredients that are kinder to the environment.

Food Waste

Because we are sustainable with food, the fine treats left over after the lunch buffet are made available to our team members.


We rely on products from the region for our hotel cosmetics. To avoid unnecessary plastic waste, we deliberately avoid small, individual plastic bottles.

Our sustainable suppliers

Quality produce is one of the cornerstones of ensuring your experience is unmatched. We only use the best premium suppliers from our region to offer organic produce, luxurious wines, and the finest fare that we’d be happy to feed our own families.

Starnberg Brauhaus
Starnberg/ Höhenrain

The Starnberger Brauhaus team has set itself the goal of combining the good with the beautiful - that appeals to us!

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Natürlich Saft
Organic juices from Ammersee

Orchard meadows as far as the eye can see, local fruit in the glass bottle - it doesn't get any better or fruiter than this.

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Excellent tea - since 1823

Traditional method in the production, hand-picked. 200 years of history and experience - and the continuing love for tea. We like that!

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St. Leonard's Quelle Mineralwasser

Mineral water

Wine shop Starnberg
Klaus Gundel

Our longtime partner. Klaus Gundel knows the small fine wineries, especially in Italy. We produce our LA VILLA house wines with him.

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Organic wine shop

High quality wines from organic farming, wonderful champagnes from organic farming. The assortment is unique and surprises wine connoisseurs and wine lovers. We are united by the joy of wine and good food!

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Winery Heitlinger
Organic winery from Baden, Tiefenbach

H ...like Heitlinger, H like origin, H like happening, H like highlight. Heitlinger worlds of enjoyment. Immerse yourself!

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Frutique Gemüse / Hr. Müller

Fruit and vegetables with a high proportion from regional agriculture. Christoph Sutor and his team harvest only first-class quality. You can taste that!

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Toni's Backstube

Unique, what is baked in the contemplative bakery of Toni Schwarzmaier - the croissants are to "melt away"!

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Miesbacher Molkerei (Dairy)

Fresh dairy products delight us from morning to night. For the sweet arts and the savory treats.

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Tölzer Kasladen / Fam. Hofmann
Bad Heilbrunn

Cheese at its best - from breakfast to midnight snack. Wolfgang Hofmann with his team sees it as his mission to preserve the cheese culture. We are happy to join him in that.

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Family Gstattenbauer

Happy chickens and fresh grass with Lake Starnberg air. Can an egg taste better?

Arno Bruder

THE king bee in Upper Bavaria. Our queens are busy with their colonies and collect delicious nectar.

Off Mühle

Flour and cereal products from wheat, rye and spelt from farmers in the region. GMO-free and without additives. For our fine baked goods from the sweet kitchen.

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Family Theodor Schägger
Seeshaupt / Holzmühle

The calves grow up on the farm of the Schägger family and enjoy the fresh grass of the Seeshaupter pastures every day.

Mapo Premium Beef/ Hr. Ponholzer
Antdorf / Seeshaupt

Beef from animals that stand on the lush meadows of the Werdenfels pastures. Markus Ponholzer is a master butcher with passion, with a lot of desire and love for the craft.

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Metzgerei Scholler (Butcher shop)

"In times of need, the sausage tastes good even without bread" - especially the one from the Scholler family.

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Family Glöckl

Potatoes, asparagus, eggs, carrots - all from the fields of the Pfaffenhofener Land around the farm of family Glöckl- the home of our chef Christoph Gessner.


Have any questions or special requests?

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or contact form. We’d love to help.