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Partner and Services for Your Unforgettable Wedding  

For a stress-free and seamless wedding-planning experience, opt for seasoned professionals who can bring your wedding visions to life. The experienced wedding specialists in our network know how to make your special day truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Inna Wiebe
Event design, floristry, decoration rental service

Tel: 089 18929890
E-Mail: info@innawiebe.com

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Blumenfenster Dauchau
Markus Bopfinger

Tel: 08131 736196
E-Mail: info@blumenfenster-dachau.de

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My Pretty Wedding
Eventdesign & Verleihservice

Tel: 08039 9087866
E-Mail: info@myprettywedding.de

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You want chair covers? - Contact us

Tel. 08151 77060

Fotoatelier Hohenkammer
Sindia Boldt

Tel: 0160 3530203
E-Mail: info@sindiaboldt.com

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Manu Photo & Design
Manuela Frühn

Tel: 0171 1110385
E-Mail: info@manu-photoanddesign.de

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Bilderglück Fotogalerie
That one moment, that look, that feeling....

Tel: 0176 45379766
E-Mail: info@bilderglueck.net

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Million-Memories GbR

Tel: 0179 9078978
E-Mail: info@million-memories.com

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Moritz Hoffmann Photography

Tel: 0173 2309643
E-Mail: post@moritzhoffmann.com

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Felicitas Brunner

Tel: 0179 1311453
E-Mail: mail@felicitasbrunner.de

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Daniela Michelini
Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Tel: 0172 1037612
E-Mail: info@danielamichelini.com

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DJ Sebastian Stummer
The Music Maker

Tel: 0172 2712554
E-Mail: info@themusicmaker.de

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Da Capo Music
Siegfried David Eberle

Tel: 0172 9902518
E-Mail: dacapo@siegfried-eberle.de

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SM!LE The Band

Tel: 0171 2627562
E-Mail: smilemanagement@aol.com

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Geschwister Schall
Jon Basel

Tel: 0163 3030300
E-Mail: jonbasel@geschwisterschall.de

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Anastasia Martini

Tel: 0172 4704080

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Freudenfeuer Hochzeiten
Mirjam Heubach

Tel: 0176 11433979
E-Mail: info@freudenfeuerhochzeiten.de

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Freudenfeuer Hochzeiten
Mirjam Heubach

Tel: 0176 11433979
E-Mail: info@freudenfeuerhochzeiten.de

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Christian G. Binder

Tel: 0176 61533261
E-mail: info@redner-binder.de

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Nadine Elsässer

Tel: 01575 6662341
E-Mail: kontakt@my-ceremony.de

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Weddingcar Starnberg
Raphael Suder

Tel: 0171 5860197
E-Mail: info@ammersee-nostalgie-fahrten.de

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Axel Helbig Kleinbus GmbH

Tel: 08157 3710
E-Mail: info@kleinbus-heiblig.de

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Taxi Eibl
Georg Eibl

Tel: 08151 4111
Mobil: 0171 7304546

Historisches Fährboot
Bernhard Zillner

Tel: 0151 28741905
E-Mail: bernhard.zillner@roseninsel.bayern

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Anita Schröder

Tel: 089 62836130
E-Mail: hallo@events4kidz.com

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Christine Bader

Tel: 0821 5214443
E-Mail: kontakt@carte-royale.com

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Entertainment for Kids
Melanie Wachter

Breslauer Str. 85
84028 Landshut

E-Mail: info@entertainment-for-kids.de
Instagram: entertainment_for_kids
Telefon-Nr. 0152 59206806

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The Wedding Company
Sonja Yildizoglu

Tel: 0152 25257063
E-Mail: info@theweddingcompany.de

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