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The LA VILLA team is unmatched. We’re industry leaders, always on the pulse of the newest technology, cuisine and culture, on a mission to make every stay with us memorable.

Katja Lindo

Katja Lindo

Margarete Schultes

Kristin Böttger

Lisa Oberndörfer

Bettina Brück

Thorsten Brück

Christoph Gessner

Sandra Träger

Paula Reiß

LA VILLA's Mission: Guiding Our Gratitude, Responsibility, Passion and Excellence

At LA VILLA, we strive to positively contribute to society through our work and create a valuable experience for our guests. Our outlook and aims include:

  • Gratitude and appreciation: We treat everyone with respect and appreciation, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of our colleagues, guests and partners.
  • A sense of responsibility: We always act in accordance with our values ​​and bear responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Passion and commitment: We approach our work earnestly and enthusiastically and meet every challenge with dedication and optimism.
  • Quality at the highest level: We strive for excellence in all work areas and always do our best.

Become a part of an exceptional team

A journey through history: uncover the timeless elegance of our 165-year-old villa


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If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or contact form. We’d love to help.