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The information provided on this Website is only for general information purposes. Please read and verify these terms of use thoroughly before opening and using the Website. By opening and using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use and agree to those terms. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you may not visit or use the Website.

Terms of use

The entire contents of the Website and the applied software are owned by, or are subject to the exclusive usage rights of EKT GmbH. They are subject to copyright law, commercial legal protections and other legal provisions pertaining to intellectual property.

EKT GmbH hereby grants you the right to open and store the Website if the contents are solely used for personal reasons, and there is no commercial use. The contents may not be altered in any way. The contents may also not be copied, duplicated in any way, or used without prior explicit consent by EKT GmbH.

EKT GmbH will use reasonable efforts to publish current and correct contents on this Website. EKT GmbH does not warrant or guarantee – neither explicit nor implicit – for ongoing availability, accuracy, up-to-dateness or completeness of these contents. 

EKT GmbH is not liable for damages or disadvantages caused by opening, or not being able to open this Website, or caused by the fact that you used and relied on this Web site or the contents provided on the Website.

This Website can contain links or connections to other Websites, or be opened via external Web site links, which EKT GmbH cannot influence. EKT GmbH is not responsible for the availability and contents of such other Websites and is not liable for damages or disadvantages caused by using such contents or such access. Any link to other Web sites solely serves the user-friendliness of that Web site. The user creates the connection to such Websites at their own risk.

EKT GmbH has the right to remove, change or replace any of the contents, links or referrals on this Website at any point for any reason and without prior announcement.

The use of this Website, its contents, and its information are being granted without any warranty. Should the corresponding law allow in its most broad application, and subject to explicit provisions to this agreement, EKT GmbH does not provide any warrants or guarantees concerning the Website, its contents or the services which EKT GmbH or a third party makes available or sells. 

EKT GmbH is not liable for any damages of any kind, particularly direct, indirect, coincidental or consequential damage, that occur due to the use of this Website. 

EKT GmbH does not warrant that the Website or the contained information are always available, contain no viruses or are free of any other defects.